Scissor Lift Hire

Clark Lifting Solutions UK LTD are leading providers of electric and rough terrain scissor lift hire in the West Sussex area. Our selection includes a variety of options, from small push-along electric lifts to robust diesel rough terrain scissor lift, with heights spanning from 3m to 18m. Whether you need compact indoor solutions or rugged large deck machines for rough terrain, our scissor lifts hire service can meet your project’s needs. View our range here.

Scissor Lift Hire Options for Every Application:

Our machine range caters to a wide range of applications. We stock electric scissor lifts for indoor applications and diesel rough terrain scissor lifts for rugged construction sites and outdoor work. Some models even feature fold-down guardrails for convenient access in spaces with low headroom doorways. Our fleet includes models such as:

Diesel / Rough Terrain:

- Skyjack SJ6826 RT: Reaching up to 9.92m, this scissor lift offers versatility in rough terrain scenarios. With compact dimensions of 2720mm x 1720mm, it's designed to navigate challenging environments. With a weight of 2903kg, it strikes a balance between portability and stability.

- Geni 5390 RT: This robust scissor lift boasts a maximum height of 18.15m, making it suitable for demanding outdoor tasks. With dimensions of 4880mm x 2290mm, it's built for stability on rough terrain. Weighing 7574kg, it's a heavy-duty option for elevated tasks.


- Nano SP Plus: Perfect for indoor tasks, the Nano SP Plus offers a maximum height of 4.50m. With a weight of 540kg, it's easily manoeuvrable. Its compact dimensions of 1200mm x 750mm make it an excellent choice for tight spaces.

- JCB S4550E: Reaching a height of 15.80m, the JCB S4550E is an electric scissor lift with a capacity of 3366kg. With dimensions of 2760mm x 1250mm, it offers stability and versatility.

Why Choose Clark Lifting Solutions for Scissor Lift Hire?

Clark Lifting Solutions UK LTD offers a comprehensive selection of diesel and electric scissor lifts to meet your lifting needs. Whether you require compact indoor lifts or rugged outdoor solutions, our range covers it all. Our expert team is ready to assist you in selecting the right machine for your requirements. With flexible rental options and a variety of features, our solutions adapt to your specific needs. Contact us today on 01403 864864 for more information on our scissor lift hire services.