Spider Crane Hire

Discover the compact power and exceptional versatility of our range of spider cranes for hire from Clark Lifting Solutions UK LTD. These specialised machines offer an effective solution for a wide array of applications, excelling in tasks like glass installation and steel erection, especially within confined spaces. Our carefully selected range showcases spider cranes from top manufacturers renowned for their quality and user-friendliness. With options for both diesel and electric power supply, these cranes are designed to navigate tight areas with ease and precision. View our range here.

Our Spider Crane Range Includes:

- Maeda 285C-3: With a maximum lifting height of 8.70m and a lifting capacity of 2820kg, the - Maeda 285C-3 is a versatile option. Its compact dimensions, including a width of 750mm, make it ideal for navigating tight spaces. Weighing 1990kg, it's a lightweight powerhouse ready to tackle various lifting challenges.

- Unic URW 506: Boasting a lifting height of 16.00m and a lifting capacity of 3000kg, the Unic URW 506 offers a balance between reach and power. With a width of 1400mm and a weight of 4840kg, it's designed to handle diverse tasks while maintaining manoeuvrability.

- Unic URW 706: For projects demanding more reach and power, the Unic URW 706 delivers with a lifting height of 19.50m and a remarkable 6000kg lifting capacity. Its 1670mm width and 7920kg weight ensure stability and performance even in demanding situations.


Why Choose Clark Lifting Solutions UK LTD for Spider Crane Hire? 

Our spider cranes offer unparalleled compactness and adaptability for a wide range of applications. Selected from leading manufacturers, these machines embody build quality and user-friendliness. With the option of diesel or electric power supply and the ability to be remotely controlled, these cranes ensure convenience and efficiency. With impressive lifting capacities of up to 6,000kg and boom lengths of up to 36m, spider cranes tackle lifting challenges with precision and stability.
At Clark Lifting Solutions we pride ourselves on offering flexible self-drive and operated rental options, as well as contract lifting services, adapting to your requirements. Contact us today on 01403 864864 for more information on our spider crane hire services.